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Owner's Classes

When purchasing a new sewing machine - It is most important to purchase from a dealer where you are going to learn how to use your new machine.  Any dealer can sell you a machine and send you on your way.

At The Yankee Quilter - We provide one on one owner's classes - the day you pick up your machine!  We schedule your owner's class at the time of purchase - and that way, we know we have no interruptions.  We also can teach you what you need to know to be successful when you get home.

Every one has different goals with their machine.  You may want to embroider the second you get home, then we are going to make sure you know how to get started before you leave!

Then what?  We have on going classes, embroidery for all levels, open sewing for all levels.  We want you using your new machine!  We bring in special educators for special events all year long.